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Brookhaven Police Department

The Brookhaven Police Department is tasked with serving and protecting the city. The department strives to partner with the community in maintaining safety and order in the city. This includes creating partnerships with residents, businesses, community organizations, schools and other groups. It is the responsibility of every member of the Brookhaven Police Department to strengthen the affinity between the residents of Brookhaven and the police service. The department's role is to enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons. 

One of the goals of the city’s creation was to increase public safety presence. On July 31, 2013, the Brookhaven Police Department launched patrols. The department is comprised of the patrol department, which answers calls for service and provides proactive patrols; the criminal investigations division, which investigates all crimes and manages internal affairs; and the support service division, which includes special units, neighborhood watch and other traffic enforcement.


It is the mission of the Brookhaven Police Department to enhance the quality of life for those within our community by providing professional, high quality and effective police service in partnership with the community.


The employees of the Brookhaven Police Department are dedicated to achieving the following goals:

  • Protection of life and property – The department will provide services that contribute to the preservation of life, the protection of property and the safety of the community.
  • Prevention, detection and investigation of criminal activity – The department will prevent crime through aggressive patrols designed to limit the opportunity for crime to occur and through education of residents to reduce the likelihood of them becoming victims. The department will provide a thorough, appropriate and efficient investigation of criminal activity and apply effective measures against organized crime and related activities.
  • Apprehension of offenders – The department will provide for the expeditious and prudent apprehension of suspected violators of the law, regardless of his status in the community, by thorough, appropriate and efficient investigations.
  • Maintenance of public order – The department will maintain peace and public order and assist during times of natural or technological occurrences or disasters.
  • Recovery of Property - The department will secure and maintain an inventory of all proper­ty, evidence, lost and recovered/stolen property being held by the department, thereby ensuring that all property and evidence is available when needed.
  • Training of officers – The department will design and implement a training program to fill the training needs of officers, to promote a high rate of proficiency of the officers and to address career development goals of agency personnel.
  • Compliance with ethical standards – The department will ensure the integrity and adherence to professional standards of the department by processing and investigating all complaints against personnel.
  • Traffic control – The department will provide for the safe and effective flow of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the investigation of traffic-related accidents.
  • Community service – The department will provide the resources necessary for assisting residents under special non-criminal circumstances. The administration will plan, staff, coordinate and control resources in support of community-oriented policing. Further, the department’s community relations/crime prevention objectives are shared by all personnel. Community input is encouraged in this area.
  • Agency administration – The department will provide for the management, administration and support required for the operation of the department. The department will also develop an accounting system for the internal monitor­ing of all fiscal activities, including account­ing and auditing procedures covering funds used in undercover operations and paying infor­mants.
  • Agency evaluation – The department will develop a performance instrument to periodically evaluate the department’s overall performance in meeting its acknowledged goals and objec­tives. Deficien­cies noted by the evaluation instrument will be identi­fied and remedial plans developed and implemented to correct all­ deficien­cies.

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